Bali is All Set to Promote Volcano as a New Tourist Hot Spots – Team

Gurgaon, Haryana: Bali is eyeing on promoting volcanic tourism and to convert ash into cash.

The black clouds ash from the volcanic eruption of Mount Raung has resulted in the temporary halt in the inbound and outbound flights. The volcanic phenomena have resulted in a sudden plunge in the number of tourists. One of the most sought out tourist destinations in the southeast the place commands the respect for a unique flavour holiday escape. People mostly from the west head to have the blasting time and a memorable vacation. Lavish with incredulous scenic beauty it is also home to some of the active volcanoes. On the one hand where tourists head Bali to witness the natural extravaganza sometimes these could also hamper the influx of tourists. Indonesia distinguished for its volcanoes and is all set to promote them as a unique tourist spots. There is a misconception in people that volcanoes are dangerous. The area surrounding the volcanoes are fertile and is home to diverse flora and fauna. Even people could see the captivating geographical rare phenomena live in front of the eyes. In the end, people could enjoy watching it and could also take a snapshot taking memories back with them.


Due to the eruption there is a two-way loss as the budget travellers are not able to visit the exotic destination, and the incessant loss bear by the Bali tourism industry. Due to the continuous ash cloud many flights to Denpasar airport was still not landing on the airport. The Ngurah Rai Airport was forced to shut down due to the inhospitable conditions at the airport. On the daily peak season, it manages 10,000 passengers on arrival. These conditions could severely affect the Bali holiday packages.

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