Odisha on the Path of Promoting Heritage Tourism – TravelDuniya.com Team

Gurgaon, Haryana: Royal palaces and old hunting lodges are becoming a great stage for promoting cuisine, arts and culture in Odisha.

Promoting heritage tourism and following the footsteps of states like Rajasthan, Odisha is also opening their royal palaces and hunting lodges mostly for the foreigners to get the glimpse and flavour of Indian royalty. These places are becoming a great way to promote the cuisine, art and unique culture the state boost. The Dhenkanal royals were trailblazer in opening their palaces to the tourists over a decade ago. Following their footsteps were Aul, Parikud and Kalahandi royal families revamping their heritage properties. Currently, the Dhenkanal Palace has 12 fully furnished rooms and the Aul and Kalahandi has two rooms each fully furnished and ready for the tourist use. The packages include accommodation with complimentary lunch and breakfast. J.P Singh Deo, owner of the Gajalaxmi Palace in Dhenkanal has said that the heritage tourism industry is on the boom. This is evident from the fact that we are getting a good number of foreign tourists and has entertained at least 16 couples in the last two year.


The best thing about is that the positive reviews that the people are writing about their experiences of staying at these heritage houses. Due to the positive reviews and good business more are yet to follow their footpath. The Puri Royals Palace is revamping two of their rooms for the upcoming Nabakalebar festival in July. The Rajkanika palace in Kendrapara is yet another heritage property who has also converted their one floor in the museum. But the lack of government support is hindering them to operate smoothly. We need full government support in boosting and alluring and getting more tourists. The Rajasthan government spends heavily in developing tourism around the heritage property. Experiencing the traditional hospitality with Odisha holiday packages.

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