Tourism Australia getting face-to-face with Airbnb – Team

Gurgaon, Haryana: Tourism Accommodation Australia is all set to regulate the $25bn accommodation website Airbnb.

In an attempt to regulate the online housing site Airbnb, owners who rent out their property for a commercial purpose for a short-term basis should be registered. Martin Furguson said the national registration was vital in a view that property used for the commercial purpose during short stay must meet the essential range of health, safety, tax and regulatory requirements. During the conference Mr. Furguson further stated that we are not opposed to the “sharing” economy but are opposed to “taking” economy, in which unregulated short-term accommodation providers takes money without adhering to the rules and regulation that would benefit the economy on a whole.


Representing the big hotels, service apartments and motel providers Tourism Accommodation Australia, the sister concern of the Australian Hotels Association, has started a new campaign against the online short-term accommodation firm with a submission which will go federal, state and local governments. The Airbnb currently advertise in Australia about 40,000 rooms with Melbourne and Sydney being the strongest markets. People attract to the online site because of the flexibility it provides to the people with home and kitchen and friendly local community. The Airbnb $US25 billion ($33.8 billion), is firmly growing in Australia and around the word, to both travellers and owners both in terms of flexibility and pricing.

The growth of the Airbnb is a serious concern for the accommodation industry but also for the local planning, existing residents and taxation official around the world. The Tourism Accommodation Australia has proposed the introduction of model legislation, consent by all the government, which makes it mandatory the registration of that accommodation let on a commercial purpose on a short-term basis. Tourist those have booked Australia holiday packages can now smoothly look out for a short-term accommodation without any hurdle.



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