Migratory Birds to Stay More at Vaduvur Bird Sanctuary – TravelDuniya.com

Gurgaon, Haryana: A treat for birdwatchers and tourists as migratory birds extend their stay at Vaduvur bird sanctuary in Mannargudi.

Much to the surprise of wildlife enthusiastic and ornithologists, the migratory birds from all over the globe has surprisingly extended their stay at the bird sanctuary Vaduvur, near Mannargudi. The park is laden with an array of bird species which include cattle egret, large egret, darters and night heron. The reason behind overstay of the migratory bird is the abundance availability of water at the sprawling tank inside the sanctuary. The amazing natural phenomenon has boosted the influx of tourists and has given an upsurge to the tourism in the state.  A wonderful chance for the avid birdwatchers to spot the beautiful creatures. The park is covered with a dense cover of the “Karuvi” trees on a sprawling 128.10 hectare of land. The tranquillity and serenity of the lake and continues chirping of the bird is all a spellbinding site. The park is currently seeing herds of bird watchers flocking early morning to get the glimpse of their favourite birds, from the watchtower at the banks of the river. Book Tamil Nadu holiday packages and see the spectacular unfolding in front of your eyes.

In an interaction with TravelDuniya.com team, the forest department official said, the birds’ normal migration period is for six months from September to February, this time they have overstayed. In March, the numbers have started to downsize but with the availability of water tank and “Karuvi” trees helping them to build their nests, many bird stayed back. The Forest Department is also doing commendable job to promote tourism. The department is doing this by installing artificial waterfalls, and a big cement structure showcasing the birds, animals and human life have been set up to attract tourists. A special holiday packages is also made for the interested travellers.


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