Celebrate Luxury with Celestial Collection

After all the festival fun, the year end has come closer and we are getting ready to attend some awesome weddings and bid the year goodbye with some more celebrations and fun. Gifts come with the package and we understand that which is why Elvy brings to its customers a new reason to exist in class, the Celestial Collection. Exclusively imported from Sri Lanka, the collection boasts of elegance and style with its fine porcelain build and vivid silver lines on the rims. Here are 3 items from the collection which will enchant you instantly.

Celestial Dinner Set

Celestial Dinner Set

Nothing could spell luxury better than an exotic dinner, and to organize one, you need something truly extraordinary. Celestial Dinner Set meets all your expectations of magnificence and can charm anyone with its exclusive silver and white design and silver rims. The porcelain dinner set and some great food is all you need to host your finest dinner of the year.

Celestial Tea Set

Celestial Tea Set

Be it your boss coming over for a tea or guests you want to amaze, Celestial Tea Set with its regal air will never let you down. With a serene white base which goes with any setting and porcelain which exudes brilliance, the Tea Set from Sri Lanka is a wonderful choice for important occasions and tea parties.

Celestial Coffee Mugs

Celestial Coffee Mugs

Begin your day with a tinge of opulence with the Celestial Coffee Mugs. The mugs are handy, practical and beautiful, making them look out of the world. With their excellent shape and design, the mugs are a perfect gift for birthdays and house warming parties as well.



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