24/7 DNS talks about blocks phishing sites

Phishing is a term used to describe the activity through which personal particulars like usernames and passwords and financial information like credit card details are tactfully retrieved from unsuspecting Internet users. Unlike hacking where the hacker breaks into a computer system or network and steals information, phishing is most often done with the full cooperation of the victim. This is probably what makes phishing all the more dangerous. So block phishing sites  play a vital role in any online business.

Anti-Phishing Initiatives

Technological improvements and stricter legislation have been enforced to contain phishing as far as possible. Public awareness is probably the most effective weapon against this menace. Phishing is successful mainly due to the ignorance of the general public. Once they become cautious of these activities, phishing would lose much of its potency.

Domain Name Service

DNS (Domain Name Service) is the key technology in modern IT infrastructures – without it, your business stops.  DNS acts as a big electronic phonebook that catalogues all the IP addresses of the servers and printers on your network. Without it your PC will struggle to access these other systems.

The name of each website that you type into the address bar of your browser has its unique identifier. This identifier is quite similar to human fingerprints – you won’t find two identical ones.

All of these website identifiers are stored on the servers collectively named DNS. DNS is very effective and works in the background of search activity. Internet users are assured that when they type in a URL or e-mail address, they will be connected to the correct Web site or e-mail box.


24/7 DNS Help You To Troubleshoot DNS Problems

  • Get Rid of Viruses and Malware
  • Stay Away From Porn and Violence
  • Configure Your Own Internet Filter
  • Make Your Internet Faster

About 24/7 DNS

These days Internet is full of sites that can harm you in many ways. Phishing sites may steal your credit cards and passwords, porn sites may hurt your children and entertainment sites will distract your employees.

Once you start browsing internet through 24/7 DNS, we will filter your incoming traffic and make sure none of these sites appear on your screen. And besides you can easily configure your own filter that will protect you, your family and your business.

For more details Visit: – http://247dns.com/


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