Living in Spain and Why You Should Try It

One minute you are trotting the globe, going from one beautiful country to the next. Then suddenly, you find out that the place you like most; the country you really want to call home is Spain.

Actually you are not alone in your thoughts. Many people from different parts of the world want to move to this Spanish paradise. Who knows what it is, but for many this is their home away from home. It is the place with gorgeous scenery, beautiful architecture and really friendly people. What more could you want?

Spain is an incredibly popular country, a place where many people choose to live, and why not? This is the place that has it all; sun, sea, great tapas, sandy beaches, sangria – and best of all, it’s a country that’s populated by many other expats.

Why Live Abroad? And Why Live in Spain?

Living abroad offers wonderful opportunities for everyone. You learn and adapt to a different culture, learn another language and enjoy having a much larger social network; one you probably never thought possible. Sure, the thought of living in Spain can be scary, but knowing a little about the country and the expat lifestyle in Spain can certainly go a long way towards waylaying those fears. That’s why we’ve made a list of reasons why people choose this country as their second home.

A Leisurely Pace of Life

It may be the great weather, the sunny days, the friendly people, or maybe it’s just the exotic feel of the country. But whatever it is, Spain is still the place to go for a two hour leisurely lunch, a weekend spent with loved ones and wonderful family dinners.  Spain offers lots of leisurely time; time you can spend shopping, going to the gym or having that “special personal time.”

A Better Quality of Life

Spanish people take friends and family seriously. It’s important that you get to spend time together and that you have a good time. In fact, when you go out, it’s not uncommon to put a cash collection together to pay for the evening out.

It’s normal for people to take an evening stroll around the house, just to say “hi” to the neighbors, have a nice chat and talk about what is going on in the world.

An added benefit to the existing social network and expat life in Spain, are the famous fiestas and celebrations. When you go to Spain you easily integrate into the fun and festive lifestyle. Every expat here will tell you; life has much more value and meaning here.

A Learning Experience

Spain is the perfect place for family life. It’s a country that teaches children about the importance of family and friends. And what can be wrong about learning loyalty, empathy and honest friendship? Nothing, that’s what makes living in Spain a great experience for kids. Even so, you might have doubts about taking your children to Spain. What do you do about school? How will they learn the language?

That’s probably the easiest part of the move though. School is not a problem as education in Spain is free for all children, and this can be a good thing, after all, total language immersion is the best way to acquire full use of a second language.

What about Health Care?

Health care is free for residents that contribute to the country’s system. They do this by paying taxes and making social contributions. Not to worry though, if you are retired, it’s also free for UK retirees.

A Bright Star in the Sky

Spain has the perfect combination; fantastic year-round weather and very sociable, friendly people. The Spanish really enjoy life and believe that work is only of secondary importance. When living here you’ll find you have a lot more friends, more time to do the things you love, and time to enjoy the natural wonders of the country.

But Where Should You Go?

Well, talk to other expats living in Spain, and they’ll tell you they’ve found the most idyllic and perfect spot within the country. And in truth, they probably have. That’s because there are so many beautiful and wonderful places in this country.  So for instance, if you’re an expat looking for nature, a slower pace of life and a lot of scenic beauty, then Galicia may be that perfect spot. On the other hand, if you love the life of a pulsing city, enjoy those great social nights that don’t end until the sun rises, then Madrid may be your favored location.

Harriet Nilsson lives in Marbella, Spain. She is the author of the book My Road to Me: A Journey of Love, Truth and the Courage to Grow.

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