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Due the many contaminants found in tap water today, many individuals and businesses alike depend on distilled, spring or pretreated water. Modern living has become highly sophisticated and a lot of pressing concerns can cause elevated stress and physical breakdown. Water dispensers came into the consumer world to help alleviate the high demands on time and energy. Lately, individuals and businesses have both been installing bottled water dispensers and bottled water coolers.

These water dispensing machines eliminate the cost and hassle of spending precious time going to the supermarket whenever bottled water has run out. They are equipped with a technologically advanced in line filtration system that can adequately provide a consistent source of chilled and filtered water. The water tastes absolutely great and it does not have the odors oftentimes associated with a mains water supply.


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The water dispenser are cost effective as well as environmentally friendly. They are directly connected to the mains water supply and the water passes through the in line filtration system. Organic chemicals and undesirable tastes and odors are effectively removed. The filtration process then yields crystal clear and fresh tasting water that is dispensed via the available tap of the machine.

There are other essential features that every consumer must watch out for. It is best that the dispensers are built of stainless steel for durability while the coating is ideally of scratch and impact resistant plastic.

Now you have a unit to produce quality water at low cost. At just a fraction of the cost of bottled water, convert tap water into clean and fresh drinking water right in the comfort and convenience of your home or workplace.




Driven by Korean Made Advanced Ultra Hollow Membrane, enjoy alkaline antioxidant water with the HydroPlus® Filter or purified water with the HydroPure® Filter. Unit is also equipped with Advanced Ultraviolet Germicidal Lamp for effective water disinfection. Now you have instant access to hot, cold and room temperature water instead of spending time for separate boiling, cooling and storing.

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