Hide rugs market are highly demanding worldwide for home decor

Experts from Hiderugs.co.uk reveals that worldwide, animal skins are used to manufacture a variety of products such as belts, shoes, wallets, upholstery, rugs and many more.

Bournemouth, UK — Interestingly, the use of hides as rugs has skyrocketed over the years to become very common and famous. Its use has penetrated the market to reach both modern and traditional settings, ending up at the doorsteps, living room, bedrooms, office doors and any other places deemed suitable. They have also been used as depiction of social status and culture.

Hide rugs are made in different sizes and come in diverse colors. Their sizes and colors are based on the source animal. The most common animal skins come in brown, black, white and a mix of the assorted patterns. However, these are just a few of the many other types available.


Animal skin rugs are easy to maintain and they last for years. The softness of animal hide rugs makes them the perfect place to relax at the end of a stressful workday.

  • A sheepskin rug is a classic decor piece that can be designed to blend in with any room.
  • A cowhide rug looks great in homes that have a rugged old west theme.
  • A Reindeer skin rug blends in well with any natural color theme.

Natural hides are a fantastic accent piece for your home décor that suits well many different types of houses and apartments plus they are just as complimentary in your own home – which may be a trendy and modern studio apartment as they are in a more traditional old-style ranch house. Cowhide rugs are extremely durable, making them a great choice for higher traffic areas of the home. Cowhides are hypo-allergenic as well which suits everyone.


About hiderugs.co.uk

Hiderugs.co.uk is reputable supplier of animal hide rug in UK. They are a husband and wife team who are dedicated in supplying high quality Natural Animal Skin Rugs throughout the UK. They sourced superior Cowhide Rugs from Brazil, Sumptuous Sheepskins from UK, Ireland, Australia and Iceland and Gorgeous soft Reindeer Hides from Finland. They only source our hides from companies that use eco-friendly ethical practices and all of our rugs are simply a bi-product of the meat industry.

For more details Visit: – http://www.hiderugs.co.uk/


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