Hiderugs.co.uk talks about sheepskin rugs

If you are looking to add classiness to your home without any major remodelling work, then one of the simplest ways to do so is to add a rug or two to any room that you are looking to improve. The great thing about any kind of rug is that even though they have an air of old worldliness and old school charm about them, they go well with practically any type of furniture, floor and with any kind of interior design.


If you are considering a new rug for your home then make sure you put a sheepskin rug on your list of rugs to check out. If you do some research on sheepskin you will find out that is a remarkable material. Sheepskin rugs are particularly soft, because thick wool is intended for human touch and feel. It is very cozy for the feet and can substitute for a footstool when relaxing in an armchair. Wool is also resilient and washes easily. Wool hair is not hollow like cotton and resists staining. It can also spice of a home with its strongly European flavor.

A rug in a room has a way of pulling the interiors together and if you have a large open space without too many walls like a loft or a studio apartment then the addition of a few large rugs will help in dividing up the space into different units and create some sense of separation in the huge space.

Rugs though have a lot more going for them than just looking good though. Sheep skin rugs are not just the most luxurious looking thing. They also feel like a million bucks when you walk barefoot on them. Whether you live in warm climes or cold, sheepskin rugs always feel perfect underneath your feet.

If you have any reservations about buying a rug made out of animal hair because you have allergies or suffer from asthma, you can rest easy as rugs made out of sheep skin have been certified by most medical associations as being hypoallergenic, that is they are safe for people with allergies and they do not trigger any kind of adverse medical reactions.

A cowhide rug is thick leather that sits quite flat against the floor. It has been softened for bare feet, but is still as durable as cowhide ought to be.

Sheepskin is available without hair, and it is also much thinner and softer than cowhide. Because sheep are smaller than cows or reindeer, the area covered is always going to be limited. It still has a generous surface area and can be put to many uses. Sheepskin is in fact so thin and soft that it is used to produce vellum as a primitive substitute for paper.


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