Everything is Pointless

Pointlesspointlesspointless.co.uk Talks About Pointlessnessism

When running with an actual obstacle course inside a timed competition almost everyone has the feeling of emergency to complete whatever needs doing to really make it within the wall. Regrettably, exactly the same can’t be stated about life’s obstacles, which almost everyone has trouble conquering sheerly because they do not possess the mindset. Let’s suppose everybody contacted an existence obstacle enjoy it would be a challenge with an obstacle course. People would begin to see the challenge in front of them, continue moving towards it, after which go directly into surpassing it without asking any queries.

More often than not it isn’t the truth that individuals don’t get sound advice, it’s that inner voice of doubt which makes them wonder if they are even able to do what they’ve planned. Josh Fallis thinks the old saying “Just Do It” is really a timeless phrase which will hold true as lengthy as you will find procrastinators nowadays. Stalling is the main killer of dreams, and action-taking is the main company.

What are we doing with everything?

Even worse, if the relationship ended unexpectedly, the person’s life will become totally pointless. Not because his old partner was a great person, but because he made his partner everything in his life. He sacrificed his hobbies, his friends and the things that he enjoyed most just to be with his partner and when he lost him he found himself having nothing. The bottom line is, don’t make someone everything in your life because if you lost him one day you will lose your whole life with him.


Sometimes life can be frustrating because people and events enter our lives that seem to conflict with our life plan and our best interests. However, we always need to remind ourselves that everything that happens in our life,happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or as a result of “luck”. Whether it be love, illness, or sheer stupidity, everything happens to test the limits of our soul and to enable one to reach their true potential.

Without these tests, life would be a smooth flat road to nowhere, dull and pointless with no opportunity to grow. Appreciate every moment and every event in your life, be ready to glean unexpected rewards from every encounter and experience you have, you never know how it will turn out.

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