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Event Master

For an event to be a success – proper management and building client relations are most crucial factors. Besides when you’re planning an event, you select from many different revenue strategies to monetize your event and position it in your overall marketing plan.Imagine, you planning an event that showcases several masters in your niche. Each of these masters may provide keynote speeches, run mini-conferences or sessions, or use the venue to otherwise market their products.

Events Master offers event planners a one stop, subscription-based online service to conveniently plan and manage multiple events concurrently. Designed and field tested, Events Master has everything you need to plan, publish, invite and track events as well as manage event expenses thereby saving time and money.Joining Events Master is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and 4.

An event planner’s main need is to manage all the details that go into making of a successful event. At Events Master, you can master your events at one place, no hassles of roaming around at different places and increase your expenses.

Events master provides many positive benefits for you as the organizer, including building credibility and providing an excellent revenue stream. If you’ve decided to host an event but haven’t yet determined how it will fit into your overall marketing strategy or how you’ll generate revenue, consider This event is a great way for you to establish yourself in your field on an equal-footing with these masters, and go on to host your own successful events marketing and selling your own products. These events come with a built-in audience and list-building benefits, and provide a great revenue stream for new event organizers.

Features includes

  • Manage event Activities, Expenses, Suppliers, Sponsors, Exhibitorsetc
  • Manage Onsite Advertising
  • Event Programs
  • Sell Passes & Tickets
  • Dashboard
  • Sticky notes
  • Personal Notes
  • Event Contest
  • Reports – Business intelligence
  • Multi-users environment



About Events Master

Events Master provides tools to plan, publish, invite, and track, feedback, measure activities and event expenses thereby resulting in saving time and money. It only takes few minutes to get you started using Events Master to create and manage your next successful event.

Events Master is easy to use. With built-in video tutorials and step-by-step instructions and FAQ, users can adapt quickly with Events Master. It has simplified workflow and has reduced the repetitive tasks thereby saving your time. It has flexibility and provides customers complete control to manage events as per their needs. Several special features are available at your disposal to make your event a great success.

It is always worth taking some time to a bit of research on event organizing tools. See if they have done similar events to your and ask if they can provide testimonials. You really don’t want egg on your face when it comes to the big day in question so make sure that you do your homework. There is an excellent website at, where you can see all that they have to offer.

For More Details Visit: –

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