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Fiji actually consists of more than 330 islands and is the crossroads for South Pacific travel. The islands form an archipelago in an upside-down horseshoe configuration around the shallow Koro Sea. Two of the islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, account for 87% of Fiji’s population of almost 850,000. The capital city is Suva, located in Viti Levu. Book your Cheap Flights to Fuji from as it provide great deals and various vocation packages.

When we think of a dreamy island vacation, the South Pacific often comes to mind. One of the area’s most idyllic places is Fiji, a destination that has it all. Gorgeous beaches, delicious food, exciting nightlife, historic sites, camping and water sports are all at the ready. Moreover, Fiji offers accommodations from 5 stars to modest and clean, making a vacation affordable for just about everyone. This had increased the demand of Fiji flights as well. The icing on the cake that makes Fiji a world-class vacation spot is the friendly and outgoing people, who welcome everyone with an enthusiastic “bula,” meaning health.

Visitors can combine beaches and sightseeing when they go beach hopping on the beautiful Yasawa Islands, a 2-hour ferry ride from Nadi. Some of the islands are uninhabitable yet have small resorts or beach bungalows designed for the budget traveler.

Fiji’s better land attractions are on the island of Viti Levu. The Arts Village is a lakeside village where ancient Fiji comes to life. It can be explored by foot or boat and contains the tallest traditional temple in Fiji and bures, which are cheaply-built Fijian houses constructed of local materials including leaves, reeds and bamboo. Arts Village is packed with shops and restaurants. Another popular attraction is the Coral Coast Railway in Sigatoka on Viti Levu’s southeast edge. The adventure’s scenery varies from a scenic coastline to a thick green forest to the underground Muka Caves. Guided by Mr. Coconuts, the journey takes 90 minutes.

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