Enjoy the Charm of Bangkok by booking cheap flights from Travel Unravel

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and its largest city. Bangkok is a beautiful city with various sightseeing, restaurants, nightlife and accommodations. Bangkok is Asia’s top destination of holiday makers and travelers. To visit there and also save some money, you can look for cheap flights deals to Bangkok.

With more than 400 elegantly designed temples, marvelous historical structures, sky-kissed buildings and world-class shopping malls and hotels, Bangkok is surely a tourist haven for every vacation. Grab flights to Bangkok early as you can’t miss this destination, irrespective of your purpose of visit in Thailand. Don’t worry about the price drop of flight tickets anymore because travelunravel has a special scheme for price drop.

Please note that cheap fights to Bangkok are not so easily available. It requires a lot of patience, a good amount of luck and some research to find them. Keeping in mind the need of Travels, Travelunravel started a cash back Scheme in which a traveler get the difference of the cash back when the price of the booked Flight drops. Experts from Travelunravel.com explained the concept behind this scheme.

The experts from Travelunravel.com said “After booking a flight with Travel Unravel, we keep searching regularly for any price drops on the flight fare which client have booked. If the total fare is found to be lower than the booking amount, Travel Unravel uses the amount of the fare has dropped by, and any re-booking or Airline charges if applicable to compute the refund. This amount is refunded back to client’s credit card.


Talking more about this scheme expert said “The refund amount is calculated as the net fare difference, after deducting the airline fee:

Old fare – new fare – airline fee = Net fare difference

If the net fare difference is less than zero (i.e. the fare drop is less than the airline amendment fee), you will not get any refund.” In some cases, if the fare on your flight booking drops below a particular threshold, we may re-book you on a cheaper fare with the same flights, and then refund the difference. In such cases, we will email you a fresh e-ticket & PNR.

Travel Unravel believes in making long term relationship with their clients and always try to offer lowest cost and short haul flights.

For More Details Visit: – http://www.travelunravel.com/


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