talks about nutritional therapy

Food is definitely something we cannot live without. Everyone depends on it for survival. The food we eat should contain all the nutrients our bodies need to perform our daily routines, jobs and activities but for most of us today the food we eat contains fewer nutrients than in years gone by and in fact is increasingly loaded with things we should avoid like sugar, salt, additives, pesticides and herbicides.

Nutritional therapy  is the use of nutrition to promote optimum health in an individual to combat diseases or ailments. Now there is no one diet that is perfect for everyone. So, for best results, ask a nutritional therapist to develop a nutritious diet specifically for you.


Nutritional therapy is the science and philosophy of utilizing the healing power of nature and using it in a positive way, not only to cure illness but also to prevent it altogether. Nutritional therapy supports the self-healing process and avoids the use of chemical medicines wherever possible, although in some case technical intervention is needed and conventional medicine still saves lives. Nutritional therapy uses dietary methods, vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies, for the treatment to prevent ill health.

Nutritional therapists  recognize that even a minor deficiency can become a chronic or even an acute condition. A healthy immune system can destroy an isolated cancer cell, however if the immune system is weakened by nutritional deficiency the cancer-causing agent can mutate and develop into full blown non-curable cancer. Nutritional therapists, unlike orthodox nutritionists and doctors, believe that nutritional deficiencies are extremely common we cannot assume that a modern diet is capable of building and maintaining a healthy body and mind.

The Power of Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition is a powerful tool in altering the way we act and feel – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Janice Strand – Nutritional Therapist changing what we put into our bodies and utilizing appropriate nutrients can have a dramatic and positive effect on our overall health. In fact, utilizing proper food and holistic nutrition to manage the chemistry within our bodies is the most natural and life-giving means of attaining health and vitality.

The key when consulting a nutritional therapist is to understand what works best for you and implement a strategy that calls on the body’s natural propensity for wellness to bring about the desired results.

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