talks about Mount Baker resort

Experts says that Mount Baker is the best spot for a natural getaway

Whether you are an admirer of nature or an adventure seeker, Mount Baker lodging is an ideal place for everyone. We live in such a fast pace world, it is important to slow down and take time out to relax, and this Lodge is the perfect place to do just that!

On the west slopes of the Cascade Range, with Mount Rainier National Park on one side and the Canadian border on the other lie the vast stretches of Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest. Amidst this pristine wilderness, rising 10,781 feet above the ground and dominating the skyline on the east of Bellingham, is the majestic Mount Baker.

To consider Mount Baker resort as just as a holiday resort would be a nasty underestimation. Nature seems to be so caring of this captivated land; Nature has spelled her charisma upon it. Words can’t describe its spiritual beauty. Nor can films fully capture the enthralling beauty which it displays.


Thriving green forests, cool breeze and rich wildlife summons you to the Mount Baker resort. Treat your visual senses with the spectacular attractiveness of Snowater, while your brain takes a break from the ordinary.

These time shares are situated on the banks of the Nooksack River, and are completely surrounded by beauty. Each townhouse is fully equipped with all the necessary amenities, and most units have a river or mountain view that can be enjoyed from a private deck. If you enjoy the great outdoors, and want to be active, Mount Baker resort is an easily accessible, year-round resort. This is a vacation rental designed for you to snuggle up in front of a warm fire, relax and read a good book, and to enjoy each other’s company. So we encourage you to make the trip to Mount Baker, and to have a wonderful time!

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