Best Burrito on the Planet

The book is FREE on Monday May 19th and Tuesday May 20th.

The “Best Burrito Book” is not just an ordinary cook book. The burrito recipe in spelled out in small and easy to understand steps of cooking.  It contains lots of pictures with each step.  The food is so versatile, eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and that’s the reason why it is named as Best Burrito on the Planet. Storage of these wonderful delicacies is also covered.

Talking about Burritos “Frank Right” the author of book “Best Burrito on the Plane said a burrito or taco de harina is a type of Mexican-American food. It consists of a wheat flour tortilla wrapped or folded into a cylindrical shape to completely enclose the filling.

Burritos are made by wrapping flour tortillas around a filling. The tortilla is steamed or grilled to make it pliable. Popular burrito fillings include meat, chicken, fish, cheese, refried beans, and rice.


The author carefully explains the steps for making an outstanding burrito and then goes into the practical steps of storing them for later. Keeping a good supply in the freezer is essential.  Then to top it off nicely, he includes several drink recipes with complete instructions that go fantastic with burritos. Nicely done!

The book is FREE on Monday May 19th and Tuesday May 20th.

Free: two seafood recipes to drool over. Some people say to die for, but then you could not enjoy them again!

Here is the link to get your free recipe book:-

For More Details: –


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