How Network Marketing Has Changed Dramatically

If you look at the history of network marketing, and compare it with today, you will see an enormous difference.  A few years ago, the internet didn’t exist. Computers were a new thing and mostly used for business. Before today’s Internet, network marketers who wanted success, had no choice but to perform the tried and true methods of lead generation and recruiting like:

  • Showing the plan to your friends and family
  • Calling the people on your list (of course everyone will want to join, but don’t)
  • Going to appointments and finding prospects lights go out as you pull in the driveway
  • Following up and chasing down prospects
  • Cold calling strangers
  • Getting a babysitter
  • Fueling up the car and driving for hours to meet with prospects
  • Meetings at home. Meetings at hotels. Meetings on paper napkins at Friendly’s


Network marketing today, in my opinion, is vastly easier than it used to be. No longer do you have to bug your friends and family, no longer do you have to sell a bunch of product, and no longer do you have to worry about finding people who are genuinely interested in your business.

All of this is because of the Internet. Network marketing today, uses the power of the Internet to generate an endless stream of traffic and new leads. Online marketing gives you the ability to promote your websites to millions of people every single day, if you know how to do it right. Today, your network marketing business is a perfect match for social media and online marketing.

People in network marketing today are able to succeed at building relationships instead of spending time chasing people down. Relationships are what build a strong network marketing business. Very little time is spent by the modern distributor on generating leads because their leads come to them automatically. There are three things that successful business owners do to create success and wealth:

  • A personal website, or blog, is a must.
  • An auto responder.
  • A funded proposal marketing system.

Today, when you are generating leads, you simply open your email or answer the telephone to find that prospects are interested gaining the help you have to offer. People approach you now instead of you hunting them down.

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