5 Unusual but Useful Baby Gifts


Babies bring with them a huge wave of happiness and another big wave of merrymaking, parties and celebrations also accompanies. Be it baby showers, a new baby’s arrival in the world, or the first and second birthdays, gifts for the little one are a must. When one thinks of gifts for babies, all that comes to mind are clothes and toys, which the little one already has in abundance, thanks to all the other doting people and their gifts. To make things easier for you and find you an interesting as well as useful gift, we have penned down 6 unusual gifts for babies.

First Tooth & Curl Boxes

First Tooth & Curl Boxes are quite an unusual and amazing gift for a baby considering they will cherish and preserve the first memories of the child. The boxes come in pretty colours and not many people will consider them as a gift option.

Photo Frames

Photo frames for babies can never go wrong. Babies are a beautiful blessing and the parents just can’t get enough pictures of them, which is why a photo frame never hurts. Go an extra mile and click a candid picture of the baby and gift it to parents after putting it in a bright frame.

Birth Certificate Holder

Birth Certificate is the first and the most important document for a little baby and the parents, which makes Birth Certificate Holder a very useful and an out-of-the-box gift. Birth Certificate Holder will not just preserve the certificate but also make it look good on a display cabinet or wall.


Brush and Comb Sets

Babies’ hair is delicate and soft, and not just any brush can be used for combing it and Brush and Comb Sets are an excellent gift for them. They will be quite useful for the parents and are something which will last as well.

Keepsake Boxes

The baby’s first memories are the most precious and keepsake boxes work just right for cherishing those memories. Little mementos which mean a lot to parents can be stored and preserved in the boxes which make Keepsake Boxes perfect gifts.


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