Best American Healthcare University teaches management of assaultive behavior certification course online

CPI (Crisis Prevention & Intervention) course can be conveniently done online or in the classroom

For every healthcare professional working in high violence areas like the mental health units, intensive care units, teenage mental health units, etc. It is mandated that a training on the Crisis Prevention & Intervention be obtained. Sadly the behavior of teen’s conduct in our nation has confused everyone and it doesn’t stop there. It’s no secret that juvenile delinquency as reported by The U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation; who reports that “crime in the United States” is a growing problem for our nation.


When faced with assault offences you first need to determine what you are dealing with. Whether it is common assault, aggravated assault or grievous bodily harm, the outcome of the assault charges will depend on the step you take from that moment on. While assault charges are very serious criminal offences, there is no need to panic. The best thing to do is to get the training and certification you need especially if you are working in the healthcare units where you are exposed to assaultive behaviors very often.

At the end of the class, the student will express a good understanding of the following:
(1) Meaning of Crisis

(2) Types of Crisis and their Causes
(3) General safety measures.

(4) Personal safety measures.

(5) The assault cycle.

(6) Aggression and violence predicting factors.

(7) Obtaining patient history from a patient with violent behavior.

(8) Characteristics of aggressive and violent patients and victims.

(9) Verbal and physical maneuvers to diffuse and avoid violent behavior.

(10) Strategies to avoid physical harm.

(11) Restraining techniques.

(12) Appropriate use of medications as chemical restraints.


This course is approved for CE credits with the CDPH, BVNPT and BRN.

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