Announcement of new book release “Collaboration Economy” on May 6th 2014

Creative Authors John Spencer Ellis & Topher Morrison is coming up with latest book “Collaboration Economy” which is about 2 months away from being launched.

In the old day’s small businesses had to pay attention to customer service. As business became bigger and more impersonal however customer service suffered. Lack of customer service resulted downfall in business. This means that good manners are back in style and are crucial. Book “Collaboration Economy” talks about various essential aspects of building and preserving a good market reputation.

It says “The information age is over. For you to become successful in today’s economy, you have to build powerful, mutually beneficial relationships with the right people, who have the right skills and can properly complement your strengths.”


To advance your business you must concentrate on quality over quantity. The new technologies and attitudes brought marketing more challenging than ever. Many of the traditional business measurements, such as ROI and metrics, do not seem clearly apply to social media use yet failure to use it properly.

There has never been a greater surge of people becoming entrepreneurs in the history of the world. This has created a dramatic increase in competition and it’s causing many business owners like you to worry about the future success of their business and livelihood.

Those who continue to do business today the same way they did even a year ago will discover that it only gets harder, more stressful, and less profitable. As the information age comes to an end, and the age of collaboration kicks off, it will be the entrepreneurs who understand this new economy that will secure their position at the top of their industry.

If you already had all the skills, connections, resources, financial backing and technology you needed to reach the top, you’d already be there. The concepts, strategies and tactics detailed can be applied to home-based businesses, start-ups, and storefronts (both traditional brick and mortar and online). The Collaboration Economy clearly explains how to identify your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses, and find the perfect match to make your dreams a reality in record time.

Contact Information:

John Spencer Ellis & Topher Morrison

Forward written by: Kevin Harrington of ABC’s “Shark Tank”


For More Details Visit: –


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