Kalf.sg talks about electrochlorination

Experts from kalf.sg explain the advantages of Electrochlorination of seawater

When an electric current is run through salt water in a specific manner, it produces a substance called hypochlorite, a form of chlorine. This process is called electrochlorination and is commonly used to desalinate water and kill the bacteria it contains in order to make it safe for human consumption and use. Electrochlorination removes the salt from water and is a process that is often used on seawater. There are many advantages to using this technique to purify seawater, especially compared to other methods.


In places where there is no access to fresh water, electrochlorination is essential to obtaining usable water for humans. This is the technique that most cruise ships and war chips use because an almost unlimited supply of drinkable water can be produced. It is also commonly employed on small islands and other areas where there are no water treatment plants and no fresh water to use, but where there is an abundance of seawater.

Many environmentalists have stood against chlorination processes in the past because they produced harmful byproducts. Electrochlorination, however, is changing the way chlorination is viewed. It is considered an eco-friendly technique because the only byproduct produced is hydrogen, which is safe for the environment after it is effectively removed. Studies have not been able to find a single harmful effect of electrochlorination on the environment. In fact, it is even much safer for those supervising the treatment because the toxic chlorine gas is never touched. This is because instead of introducing the chlorine to the water, as with other chlorination methods, the chlorine is produced in extremely small amounts by the reaction process itself.


Electrochlorination Management System

Electrochlorination plant designing and manufacturing specialists, KALF ENGINEERING PTE LTD have many years on site working experience providing a complete service. From designing, manufacturing, delivering the equipment to site, installation of all mechanical and electrical components, co-ordinating with sub-contractors to complete civil works including concrete slabs or fencing, right through to commissioning and training.

Our systems are now providing the most advanced electrochlorination equipment available as well as a technically superior design for energy efficient long-term plant operation. Also replacing electrolyzers for the systems available worldwide manufactured and supplied by KALF ENGINEERING under the brand names of “elysisPURE”.

For More Information Visit : – http://www.kalf.sg/


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