Waggie.com.sg talks about dog obedience course Singapore

Dog training is definitely not rocket science and is easier than you would expect particularly if you can get help from a good dog trainer. It’s also certainly possible for almost any dog owners to train their dogs themselves provided they put in adequate amount of effort.

Nevertheless, you might still want to get additional help from a professional trainer, especially if you got a tough nut to crack in your hand. Before you engage a trainer, it’s always best that you do some research first as there are many trainers with different teaching styles and not every style suit every dog or owner.


Here’s a guide for you to find a reliable trainer:

  • The trainer should use techniques that do not harm the dog in any way.
  • His methods should be above reproach and he should treat the dog fairly and firmly, but not in and unkind manner.
  • Does the trainer get to know the dog? In other words, does he work to become familiar with the dog’s personality and its needs before he commences training?
  • Does the trainer keep you informed as to how the dog is progressing?
  • Does the trainer require your presence during the actual training?
  • How much does the trainer charge? Do the charges seem reasonable? Have you “comparison shopped” other trainers so you know what a fair price should be?
  • Does the trainer tell you in how many weeks you will see real results?
  • Does the trainer praise the dog?
  • Does the dog seem comfortable with the trainer?
  • Does the trainer provide you with information that you can utilize after the training process has been completed?


About waggie.com.sg – (dog training Singapore)

Patrick Wong, owner of Waggie’s Pet Care, the most acclaimed dog trainer in Singapore with a portfolio that no other trainer can match. He has more than 25 years of experience in conducting obedience training classes of all levels which meet international competition standards. His “students” has achieved countless awards and prizes in obedience trials and dog’s shows. Many of his students have even turned professional. Good luck in your quest for a good trainer!

For More Details Visit: – http://www.waggie.com.sg/


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