Talks About Choosing the Right Magician For Your Party

Many people appreciate a little show of magic in their parties and thus magicians are a lot in demand and they are also available in a lot of choices available for everyone and for every sort of party. You will be able to find a lot of magicians which you can choose as per the theme of your party and the audience.

But if you are planning to arrange a kid’s birthday party or some other party with relatives, friends and guests and you want to bring glitter to the party with a magician, you have to decide who the right magician for your party is. The fact that Singapore magician have mastery on the art of entertaining the people with the magic and of making the parties memorable for the audience for many years to come makes them a very interesting guest for a party!


Some tips for Choosing the Right Magician For Your Party :

  • First of all check for the availability of the magician on the date of the event, if the magician is not available on that date there is no point going any further.
  • The Magician should be quite experienced. A novice may spoil you party.
  • Check the references and testimonials of the magician.
  • If you are arranging a party for your guests who include grownups or adults as well apart from children then the magician should perform roving magic also.
  • Ask for the Time duration of the show.

If you want your absolute peace of mind by looking at the smile on your kids’ face then you must hire magician for kids party Singapore.

About Magician Singapore & Ventriloquist

Singapore magician for kid’s birthday parties, Patrick Wan reigns supreme as a gifted magician, ventriloquist and showman. A truly versatile artist of the highest calibre, he has been featured in the famous Japanese TV’s show ‘THE INCREDIBLE PEOPLE’, which was broadcast worldwide. As an overseas student, he was already doing many school assembly shows across America in the 1980’s.

Patrick Wan has been performing as a professional ventriloquist around the world, making audiences laugh with his hilarious ‘human puppet’ routines for over thirty years. He takes you on a journey through musical styles and voices and a hilarious blend of comedy that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

For More Details visit:-


Tel: +65 6887 3384 


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