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Expert from says that “blogs are the part and parcel of our life and with them you can know many things even if you talk about best books to read.

Readers are leaders. The power of reading good books is staggering. One of the most common elements among great thinkers, people like Einstein, Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, etc. is that they all had a massive library, and an even bigger love for reading.

Best Books 2011

This theme continues today as leaders in all industries advocate setting aside at least 30 minutes a day to fuel your brain with great ideas. If we just passively expose ourselves to the media, you can be that we’ll be bombarded with all kinds of negativity. And guess what? Garbage in, garbage out. But if you take the time to inspire yourself with great books to read, and continue to learn on a daily basis, you’ll stay younger, happier, and be radically more successful than someone of equal “talent” who elects not to read.

Too many authors spend all their time on writing, then scrimp on book design and book marketing. They hope that their publisher will handle all the details of book design and book marketing, so that they can just sit back and rake in the millions year after year.

Then, if these same authors decide to self-publish, they’ll quickly get lost in the morass of print on demand publishers and the time and money sink hole of self-publishing. In fact, most authors would rather die than think about book marketing, or spend money on book design.


Now with the advancement in technology people are turning towards e-books and blogs. Anyone can blog or become a blogger. No one and nothing stops you from opening a free (Yes, free.) account with a site like or a beginning to blog.

However, not anyone can blog a whole book. To blog a whole book you must have the ability to write a whole book. This entails being able to conceptualize a complete book, organize the book and carry out the concept from start to finish–in this case in short, targeted posts written and published on the Internet–on a regular basis.

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