Waggie.com.sg Talks About Finding a Good Dog Trainer In Singapore

Expert says that Dog obedience training is especially important in a multi-racial country like Singapore

Singapore — Why should you hire a good dog trainer instead of a basic dog trainer? A good dog trainer is one that takes their dog training career seriously enough to become certified. You can feel comfortable in the fact that they have met high dog training standards and passed certification exams and tests. You don’t want a fly-by-night dog trainer, but a certified dog trainer that is in it for the long haul.


Dog trainers range in age, skill level, and experience. Your neighbor might tell you that they are a dog trainer because they have read a few books on the subject and taught their dog to fetch the newspaper. This is not sufficient dog training experience.

You need to find a dog trainer that has had comprehensive training and can proudly demonstrate that they are a certified dog trainer. Be aware, though, that there are many “certified dog training” schools and home correspondence courses available. Not all of these schools are credible nor do they provide proper instruction. You need to find a dog trainer that has certification as described by the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers.


Dogs need to be trained in order to be socially acceptable in public places. Dog training Singapore is no longer for people who just wanted to have a well behaved dog, it is now an almost essential part of owning a pet dog in Singapore.

The dog obedience training class teaches dog owners to understand the fundamentals of a dog’s behavior and therefore bonds with their canine friend better.  On a lighter side of things, the dog training session also allows your furry companion to socialize with other dogs in the class.


About waggie.com.sg

Patrick Wong, owner of Waggie’s Pet Care, the most acclaimed dog trainer in Singapore with a portfolio that no other trainer can match. He has more than 25 years of experience in conducting obedience training classes of all levels which meet international competition standards. His “students” has achieved countless awards and prizes in obedience trials and dog’s shows. Many of his students have even turned professional.

For More Details Visit: – http://www.waggie.com.sg/


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