Microlab Proudly Announced Launch of Their New Product Microlab MD212

Robert Kang, sales manager of Microlab said “we are excited to announce our new product Microlab MD 212: a portable Bluetooth speaker with a vision of latest innovation in wireless sound technology”.

Dallas, Texas – For last 20 years, Microlab products have made a positive impact in local and national areas.  The company’s dedication to release new products for its clients has catapulted Microlab to represent what a wireless sound technology should be.  Providing the one on one attention and supporting its clients, Microlab has come up with a new product – Microlab MD212.


Talking about MD212, Robert Kang said “Bluetooth speakers are the latest advancements in the wireless world.” Taking advantage of the same Bluetooth technology that allows you to wirelessly share music and files on your smartphone with your peers, these speakers provide a high quality listening experience and seamless wireless connectivity. As far as wireless technologies go, Bluetooth is still in its nascent stages, but nevertheless, offers a compelling performance.

Nowadays, you can buy everything from earphones and headphones to headsets that use Bluetooth technology. Many modern laptops and netbooks also utilize Bluetooth to connect devices wirelessly, including speakers, headphones and small printers.

Advantages of Microlab MD212

–          Bluetooth speakers generally consume very low power.

–          Small size promotes portability.

–          Since these speakers work without wires, you will never have to fiddle with cumbersome cables and adapters.

–          Seamless connection between the speakers and the device in use (tablet, smartphone, laptop etc.) without any setup.

–          Perfect for personal outdoor use.

–          Works with most gadgets.

About Microlab

Microlab has been producing audio products since 1998 and has earned a solid reputation for quality and dependability in the process. Recently, Benchmark Reviews had the opportunity to take a closer look at one of the recent additions to its lineup, the Microlab MD212 Portable Speaker, which targets those individuals that are in need of a portable and lightweight Bluetooth solution. The Microlab MD212 is portable and lightweight, yet it has a number of other attractive features that make it a serious contender among the other diminutive Bluetooth devices on the market.

For Features & More Details Visit: – http://www.microlab-global.com/


Contact Us :-

Robert Kang
Telephone Number :+86-0755-28291111
Fax Number: +86-0755-28290000
Email: microlab@microlab.com.cn


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