2invest .biz Online Investment Site Launches

There are reliable investment companies which the HYIP providers all try to imitate. 2invest.biz, being one of such, offers investment services which are born out of real sustainable offline businesses, to ensure the safety of fund and, of course, the prosperity of every investor.

There is good news for everyone who wants to make safe investments. An online investment company which has offline business interests based in Ghana, West Africa, has announced the launching of a new website which is committed to providing high yield of highly dignified businesses to the general public. This new website can be found at www.2invest.biz.


The aim of the website is to see to the provision of a reliable platform for any individual or organization who wish to grow their fund or multiply their finances to do so.

As a registered company in Accra, Ghana, 2invest Ghana LTD oversees a wide range of businesses. Some of these businesses include fish farming, transport and shopping. Also there are some other endeavors such as real estate which is already in the cards. The company also delves into online business and investment which is tested, proven and guaranteed to bring results.

With only a minimum deposit of $5, the entry level is made quite low and affordable to all stratification of income earners. Prospective investors who are fortunate to be among the first 25 people to register will be paid a bonus of $5.

The earning system put together by 2invest is not outrageous since it is not a High Yield Investment Company (HYIP). Here, they maintain a reliable and stable yield fix of 0.2% per day. In addition to this, there is the 2% variable which is added every month. Now, this implies that investors should be assured of a minimum income of six percent in a month.

As you make money with this company, there is no barrier between you and your fund as you are allowed to make a minimum withdrawal of 1USD per transaction. Similarly funds can be moved internally, within the website, to the tune of 1USD minimum.

2invest.biz has also sweetened the deal for registered members who invite their friends to also come and register. Such members are usually credited with a referral commission of 5%.


One remarkable feature which most investors always look out for is the availability of compound interest plan in any of such program. Seasoned players in the money market always attest to the wonder of compound interest multiplication. With this plan firmly in place, as assured by this website, investor who take advantage of it should experience a significant growth in their finances.

So for everyone who wants to invest money for a stable income, 2invest.biz can be of great help

Get more information on 2invest Ghana LTD at: – www.2invest.biz


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