Move Up Properties Proudly Announces its Merger with CREA Realty Group, Inc.

In joint statements, Diane Wheatley, the founder of Move up Properties Real Estate Brokerage and Sal Torres, the founder of CREA Realty Group, Inc. have announced the merger of two exceptional real estate companies to form CREA Move Up Properties.  Diane said, “I am excited to announce our recent partnership with CREA Realty Group, a company having similar visions and goals to provide increased marketing exposure and support systems allowing for a greater entrepreneurial spirit built by brokers seeking to dominate and perfect the real estate industry as we know it.” Sal said, “The dynamic represented by these two companies is unparalled and I’m thrilled at the possibilities we are afforded through our official launch on January 1, 2014.”

Southern California — For over 20 years, Diane Wheatley, Real Estate Broker with Move Up Properties Real Estate Brokerage have positively impacted the local Real Estate Market in Southern California specifically within the Inland Empire focusing on the Upland, Claremont and the Rancho Cucamonga communities.  The dedication provided to the real estate community, clientele and colleagues have catapulted them to a greater inference of what drives the market thereby defining their purpose within it.The client-agent relationship is based on understanding the needs of the prospective home buyer, home seller and service providers in order to deliver spot on attention to details, follow-up and unwavering communication between the parties at all times.  Providing one-on-one attention and supporting their Real Estate Agents 100% on accomplishing their personal goals.



News related with the partnership of Diane Wheatley and Move Up Properties with CREA Realty Group is in existence. In recent discussions, Diane Wheatley has said “we have decided to build a partnership with a company having similar visions, goals and support systems built by Brokers who support a true Independent,Entrepreneurial Business Model.” Move Up Properties’ new partnership with CREA Realty Group, Inc.  will produce fresh ideas indicative of a CREATIVE environment delivering the best qualities each agent has to offer while providing them with the freedom to accentuate their talents and allow their unique personalities to shine. CREA Realty Group, Inc is becoming one of the fastest growing independent Real Estate Agencies in Southern California.

Effective, January 1, 2014, Move Up Properties officially launches their “partnership” with CREA Realty Group, Inc.Move Up Properties’ founder and CEO, Diane Wheatley is now a “proud” partner of CREA Move up Properties.

The best way to understand what the CREA Realty Group, Inc. culture offers is supported by the foundation of what CREA defines.  This ROOT-WORD is CREA which comes from the Latin word creare orto CREATE. This is one of the most important words in the Spanish language as with any language.  As Sal explains, “Our world as we know it, together with all the qualities of heart and mind depend on the CREAtion of science, influenced by art.”

CREA Realty Group Founder, Sal Torres, explains “CREA Realty Groupsupports Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Agent Team Building, Lifetime Financial Security, and a proven business model demonstrative of owning your own piece of the American dream through independent wealth and financial peace”.

Many real estate brokers and agents are ready to open their own real estate companies but have little to no reliable resources outlining the basic steps necessary to accomplish their dream.  Our model is similar to what CrossFit is to fitness.  It’s all about constant and varied “functional” movements performed at a high intensity. Their definition of fitness is: “increase work capacity across broad time and model domains” (

Experts with CREA Realty Group, Inc., explain that their culture and systems refrain from placing agents “INA BOX”. We offer our agents the support and assistance necessary to brand themselves individually outside of the confines of the company.  Real Estate is a “relationship” business and people do business with the people dependent upon the company whom it supports.

Contact Us :

Diane Wheatley, Broker | CREA Move Up Properties | Tel: (909) 815-4499

Sal Torres, Corporate Expansion and Managing Broker |CREA Realty Group, Inc. | | Tel: (909) 918-5250

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