Thailand Seeing an incredible Upswing in the Tourism Sector –

Gurgaon, Haryana: Thailand tourism have welcomed its 17th millionth tourists – Al Shaqsi Yaqdhan Hamad Kalifa from Oman.

Thailand is seeing a positive growth in the tourism sector and allures tourists from all around the globe. An exquisite destination, the Thailand tourism is celebrating its every 17th million visitors from the Thailand’s international aviation getaway until 30 September 2015, as a part of the special theme. The theme and its activity is designed to promote the “2015 Discover Thainess’ umbrella campaign. The aim of the programme is to encourage Thailand and its rich cultural diversity, Thai food, different traditions, customs and its warm and friendly people. Due to the diversity and uniqueness the country is a popular destination among the tourists. Thailand is illustrious for their pristine beaches, island and vibrant cities tops the list as an international tourists getaways.



Travellers from across the globe visit the exotic getaways. There is so much to explore from the pristine islands to the white crystal sand beaches. The destination charm travellers from across the globe. Backpackers travelling to Thailand could explore its vibrant cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Ko Samui and many. Travellers choose Thailand to rejuvenate and embark on a memorable trip. Due to its remarkable landscape and diversity many tour operators offers a wide range of Thailand holiday packages to their customers. The destination is one of the most visited among the South-east Asian countries.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports, has released the initial figures and according to them, the place has welcomed a total of 15.81 million visitors between January to 12 July 2015, a 30.13% increase, over the period of 2014. This resulted in generating a tourism income of 741.12 billion Baht, a 30.43% increase. The TAT has confirmed a growth of 28.8 million visitors in 2015.

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Kerala is All Set to Release INR 3.45 Cr to Boost Tourism in the State –

Gurgaon, Haryana: Kerala the “God’s Own Country” is all set to invest INR 3.45 Cr to accelerate tourism in the state.

Kerala a beautiful state attracts a throng of tourists annually. The state is illustrious for its beautiful landscape and tranquil backwaters. Tourism is a big industry in Kerala and heavily contributes in the state’s economy. As per the report published in the Hindu, it is estimated that the Kerala tourism is all set enjoy an investment of INR 3.45 crores for the tourism development programme in Kerala. A high-level meeting headed by P J Joseph, Minister for Water Resources, Government of Kerala, and AP Anil Kumar, Minister for Tourism, Government of Kerala, has green signalled numerous tourism development programmes. These programme includes the second phase of Patthazhakundu project, revival of the Wadakkanchery River and building a new children’s park at the Vazhani. As per the developmental programme and INR of one crore will be used for checking the pollution of the Wadakkanchery river, another INR 1.45 crore will be used for the renovation of the Pathazhakundu project, and INR one lake will be used for building up of new children park at the Vazhani.


The ministry is also looking to revive the Cheppara dam to increase the present facilities like high-mast lights and steps with handrails. Apart there is also a proposal to start the boating facility to attract tourists. The District Tourism Promotion Council has estimated a total of six crores for the development of the project. These all steps are going to give a boost to the tourism sector in the state. The Kerala tourism ministry is looking to upsurge the number of travellers and it will eventually result increase booking of Kerala holiday packages.

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Goa Tourism Pointed Rivals Conspiracy For Crocodile in the beaches – Team

Gurgaon, Haryana: Travel and Tourism Association of Goa has pointed out that a well-planned conspiracy by rivals and some section of media, to disrupt tourism in the state.

The Goa tourism lashed at the media for unnecessary creating ruckus and blowing things out of proportion for spotting crocodile at the beach. It is said that a rival tourist destination for unnecessary developing the news and creating fear and panic among the tourists. The media is also playing its negative role in dissemination the news, they should have a clear view of the story before taking it into the public domain said “said Francisco Braganza, president of Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG). The TTAG is one of the oldest organizations of tourism in Goa.  The Goa forest department has spotted an adult crocodile at the Morjim beach, just 30 km away from the Panaji. The beach is quite popular among the foreigners especially Russians.

Best of Goa Holidays

As the news of crocodile sightseeing spread on social media and TV channels, it created panic among the people and businessmen associated with the tourism industry. Beaches are the backbone of the Goa tourism industry as it attracts almost a three million tourists annually. Sightseeing of a crocodile on the beaches are not a new instance as these aquatic giant reptiles are commonly founded on the Goa’s marshy hinterland. Mr. Braganza said the crocodile accidently have lost its way and found itself in the beach. “Crocodiles mostly live in the interiors of the marshy land. During monsoon season, the sea close to rivers loses its salinity and it is possible that the big repair has lost its way to the beach. This news could have a negative impact on the Goa holiday packages.

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Odisha on the Path of Promoting Heritage Tourism – Team

Gurgaon, Haryana: Royal palaces and old hunting lodges are becoming a great stage for promoting cuisine, arts and culture in Odisha.

Promoting heritage tourism and following the footsteps of states like Rajasthan, Odisha is also opening their royal palaces and hunting lodges mostly for the foreigners to get the glimpse and flavour of Indian royalty. These places are becoming a great way to promote the cuisine, art and unique culture the state boost. The Dhenkanal royals were trailblazer in opening their palaces to the tourists over a decade ago. Following their footsteps were Aul, Parikud and Kalahandi royal families revamping their heritage properties. Currently, the Dhenkanal Palace has 12 fully furnished rooms and the Aul and Kalahandi has two rooms each fully furnished and ready for the tourist use. The packages include accommodation with complimentary lunch and breakfast. J.P Singh Deo, owner of the Gajalaxmi Palace in Dhenkanal has said that the heritage tourism industry is on the boom. This is evident from the fact that we are getting a good number of foreign tourists and has entertained at least 16 couples in the last two year.


The best thing about is that the positive reviews that the people are writing about their experiences of staying at these heritage houses. Due to the positive reviews and good business more are yet to follow their footpath. The Puri Royals Palace is revamping two of their rooms for the upcoming Nabakalebar festival in July. The Rajkanika palace in Kendrapara is yet another heritage property who has also converted their one floor in the museum. But the lack of government support is hindering them to operate smoothly. We need full government support in boosting and alluring and getting more tourists. The Rajasthan government spends heavily in developing tourism around the heritage property. Experiencing the traditional hospitality with Odisha holiday packages.

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700,000 people are expected to Travel To and Fro from Dubai – Team

Gurgaon Haryana: During the Eid-Al-Fitr vacation 700, 000 peoples are expected to arrive and departure from Dubai.

Dubai expecting a footfall of 700,000 people to arrive and departure during the Eid Al Fitr holidays through land, sea and port, stated by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). Due to the high influx and departure of the tourists, the entry points to the city is seeing a lot of infrastructure development to fasten the entry related process, Major General Mohammad Ahmad Saeed Al Merri, Director of the GDRFA-Dubai revealed. He further said that we are regularly developing infrastructure, technologies and simplifying all our services for people to the make the Dubai experiencing a lot more relaxing and simplifier. We are training our entire staff to handle the huge numbers of travellers arriving in Dubai during holidays. It is estimated that during Eid-Al Fitr holidays a total of 680,381 people will travel to and fro from Dubai. It is estimated that more than 320,000 people visited the Dubai through the air, sea and a land portal between July 15 and 20, simultaneously 353,000 people will least the emirate during the same time period.

A total of 728 ships were used in the Dubai port with 356 arriving and 372 departing from the emirate. “The Directorate is dedicated to offering the excellent service to all its customers Al Merri revealed,” on the directive of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.”  The GDRFA director also applauded the directorate’s employees for their commitment and carrying out their job commendably during the Eid break, as they have contributed hugely in simplifying in the entry and exit of the visitor in Dubai. Explore the majestic destination with Dubai holiday packages.

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Tamil Nadu Tops the List for Highest Tourist Influx For the Year 2014 – Team

Gurgaon, Haryana: Tamil Nadu tops the list for highest number of tourist footfalls for the year 2014, data released by The Union Tourism Ministry.

Tamil Nadu the southern state of India has left behind prominent tourist destinations like Goa, seizing the top spot in terms of domestic and foreign tourist visiting the different states. Second position was bagged by the Uttar Pradesh, third position was held by Karnataka, Maharashtra was fourth, and Karnataka was fifth. Amazingly Karnataka was in third position in 2013 and many think the fall is because of the bifurcation of the state. Haryana currently at 10th place replacing Goa in terms of foreign tourist visiting the state.

Banglore Mysore ooty

The data on domestic tourism released by the Union Tourism Ministry clearly shows that upsurge of 11.93 percent in 2014 as compared to 9.59 percent in 2013 over 2014.  The top 10 performing states for the year 2014 were Tamil Nadu (327.6 million), Uttar Pradesh (182.8 m), Karnataka (118.3m), Maharashtra (94.1m), Andhra Pradesh (93.3m), Telangana (72.4m), Madhya Pradesh (63.6m), West Bengal (49 m) Jharkhand (33.4 m) and Rajasthan (33.1 m). The top ten state has contributed heavily accounting to the 83.28 per cent of the domestic tourist visiting these state in 2014. Madhya Pradesh a state which promotes tourism in the state heavily has slipped to 7th place in 2014 from 6th in 2013, and West Bengal has jumped from 9th position 2013 to 8th in 2014. Jharkhand jumped from the 14th position in 2013 to 9th position in 2014.


Again in terms of foreigners visiting the different states, Tamil Nadu retained the top position. There is also a hike of 13.12 percent in 2014 over the year 2013. The date shows in 2014 the number was 22.57 million in comparison to 19.95 million in 2013 and 18.26 million in 2012. These data can accelerate the booking of various tour online tour packages to the different state like Tamil Nadu holiday packages.

Tourism Australia getting face-to-face with Airbnb – Team

Gurgaon, Haryana: Tourism Accommodation Australia is all set to regulate the $25bn accommodation website Airbnb.

In an attempt to regulate the online housing site Airbnb, owners who rent out their property for a commercial purpose for a short-term basis should be registered. Martin Furguson said the national registration was vital in a view that property used for the commercial purpose during short stay must meet the essential range of health, safety, tax and regulatory requirements. During the conference Mr. Furguson further stated that we are not opposed to the “sharing” economy but are opposed to “taking” economy, in which unregulated short-term accommodation providers takes money without adhering to the rules and regulation that would benefit the economy on a whole.


Representing the big hotels, service apartments and motel providers Tourism Accommodation Australia, the sister concern of the Australian Hotels Association, has started a new campaign against the online short-term accommodation firm with a submission which will go federal, state and local governments. The Airbnb currently advertise in Australia about 40,000 rooms with Melbourne and Sydney being the strongest markets. People attract to the online site because of the flexibility it provides to the people with home and kitchen and friendly local community. The Airbnb $US25 billion ($33.8 billion), is firmly growing in Australia and around the word, to both travellers and owners both in terms of flexibility and pricing.

The growth of the Airbnb is a serious concern for the accommodation industry but also for the local planning, existing residents and taxation official around the world. The Tourism Accommodation Australia has proposed the introduction of model legislation, consent by all the government, which makes it mandatory the registration of that accommodation let on a commercial purpose on a short-term basis. Tourist those have booked Australia holiday packages can now smoothly look out for a short-term accommodation without any hurdle.



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